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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The story so far...

Beetroot Books is moving along with great progress, gaining more customers and getting interest from all around the world; enquiries and sales from as far a field as Malaysia to California.

The store is shaping up nicely as an alternative to some of the more ‘faceless’ book selling corporations and has managed to carve out is own popular little niche supplying titles on all things nice, interesting and alternative – books that open good doors inside heads with the doom and gloom kept to the barest of minimums. Bit of a rarity in case you’ve not opened a newspaper or turned on a TV of late.

Conceived as a place to get hold of words of interest to people who want to make positive change (whether in their own lives or their community – or even the world at large), learn skills, pass along wisdom to their children, or find out about subjects generally not to be found in all the usual places, the difficulty is stopping ourselves adding to much. The more you look out into the world of these types of works, the more you find that you totally love. I guess it’s the same for the world as a whole – you just have to look with the right eyes.

The next thing we’re set to add is a Poetry section, due to popular demand, as well as far more titles and publications into our ‘Independent’ page. There’s far too little representation of both these areas within the mainstream, yet some of the work produced is of unbelievable beauty and clarity – just because it may not turn out a million bucks is no reason not to let it walk out on its own.

So we still have challenges to come – one of them actually getting people to take the plunge and buy from us as opposed to their usual on line supplier; many people like to think of themselves as independent but that doesn’t mean they support independent business.

Beetroot Books is more fun than we ever thought it would be – we’re really looking forward to all that’s to come!


PS if you have any suggestions or would like to sell your own work through the site – please do get in touch.

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