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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Beetroot - just an acquired taste?

Think of this. Beetroot. An acquired taste? Not for everyone? Perhaps you’ve only ever had them pre-packaged?

What better name then, for an alternative online bookstore?

Beetroot Books, online since April 18th, was conceived as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for progressive and unconventional titles on subjects usually spread all over the internet: Ecology, Occult, Green Living, alternative sports, economics – everything for the savvy thinker looking to have their reading served a little differently.

Site founder Dan O’Neill, a musician, initiatior of Transition Town Wandsworth and Evolver London and sometimes writer for online magazine Reality Sandwich wanted to buy the books that interested him from an independent store, but could find no one place – aside from the usual corporate commodity stores.

Believing that books don’t have to be merely a commodity to be consumed (rather seeing them more as ‘seeds’ that can change ways of seeing and doing) the idea was to start a place that sold books on subject that seemed divergent but were usually not to people of a certain mindset.

The site also stock and sells work from micro-publishers and independent authors (get in touch through the site if you would like to participate).

If you enjoy something a little different, and your mind’s not all the way made up about everything, give the Beetroot another go.

Beetroot Books
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