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Friday, 1 March 2013

Oil Shock

Surprised, the beach met the slick,
Quickly it leached and was sick
Agonized the ritual became,
Blacker than the slow spreading stain,
A tower tall, a symbol,
Want meets want you understand the angle
Soon all our islands will be ocean
A unity to replace isolation

Incision, the skin of the woods,
A hemorrhage of profitable blooms.
Those rivers run with crude in their veins
Over run with a fast flowing shame.
A fraying flag, a symbol,
Need leads need you understand the angle
The land gifted from the ocean
You look for patterns and only feel separation

The explosion, the body is ripped,
A confusion calls the core of the breach
Yet willingly the torrents unfold
Answering fast to the challenge imposed.
A might profit, a symbol,
Like finds like and will circle around to find you,
 No blood promise stain to hold you

The rupture, the gape of the mouth,
A grizzly jaw sucks deep from the spout,
Machinery for the mineral dance
A choreographed breed and advance.
A highway long, a symbol
Coast to coast the greedy engines rumble
Encroaching web, industrialization

Corrosion, the bubbling of rocks,
A gaping yawn of fracturing blocks
Cast aside, the kingdom became
Toxified for a paper exchange.
An exiled mother, a symbol
A clearing in the woods the fractured kingdom crumbles
Boom follows bust as oily claws tears the dust

Consumer, the shock of the mouth
A yawning hole below an insatiable snout
Gulping quick from the emptying trough
Picking clean from the fields to the shops.
The latest trend, a symbol
The fallacy of wealth, the junk that gets you tangled.
The land uttered slowly bound and strangled

Delusion and the grandeur of growth
Oily spills paid from the sea where they float,
Monetize for the profit today
Swallowed whole from the table we’ve laid
A company logo, a sigil
Branded approval, you understand the angle
It’s all about you and the want that you’re tangled.

Dan O’Neill © 2013