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Friday, 13 January 2012

Start learning for tomorrow. Today.

We find inspiration in most things here at Beetroot Books, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to amassing and presenting the most interesting, inspiring and useful books all in one place.
The world is an ever changing canvas which, if you remain open, immerses you in endless stories of chaos into order and order into chaos as it vibrates its way up the ladder towards unity.
Hippy trippy? Well all I know is that if you don’t like which way the story’s going you may as well write yourself a new part. No one else is ever going to elevate you to primary character in theirs – they couldn’t even if they wanted to.
So in these days of ultra bland, lowest-common-denominator, advertising dominated corp-culture coupled with disintegrating economic, ecological and societal systems presided over by a bunch of vampires who really should at least pretend to play by the rules they insist upon for everyone else, it would make sense to acquire a certain handiness in the many ways of the world.  You’ll find it far easier to make positive changes if you do so.
With this in mind, and taking inspiration from ‘Long Descent’ author, John Michael Greer’s excellent weekly blog post, the Archdruid Report and more specifically his ‘Green Wizard project’, detailed therein, we thought it would be a nice idea to gather books on the subjects and skills relevant to a world challenged by energy shortages and climate change issues – the world we’re just starting to notice that we live in now.
It’s not exhaustive and is definitely a work in progress, but check it out and see what you think –suggestions are always welcome

On your own two feet

Terrence McKenna said something like ‘if you’re fortunate enough to be have born into a place and time where you have access to good healthcare, communications and other resources, then I’m sorry, but it falls to you to change the world for the better’. Yep, it’s down to us.
Unless you have allowed yourself to be swallowed by the spurious spectre of popular culture, believe everything you read in the paper or are content to whittle down your time fixating on some strangers life, you’ll know that things need changing, And in a hurry. Choose any strand of natural or societal life and you’ll come across some sort of hump (or indeed looming abyss) before too long.
It’s not necessary for me to spell out why, besides I haven’t the time or inclination to regurgitate that which is so readily available elsewhere, I merely wish to point the finger, slap your face, shout in your ear or whatever else is necessary to get your brain in to gear.
You have the ideas, you have the time, you have the inspiration, the resources, the lust, the hunger, passion, ego, belief, faith and panache to change the world.
Yep, we’re constantly trying to be shut down, anaesthetised and bashed into submission by a routine of daily responsibilities and immersion in others manipulations.
The issues I’ve alluded to may not exist to you because of that. Or perhaps they seem too big to bother to tackle. I know how hard it is to wake up. We’re just not that used to thinking for ourselves about the big stuff.
At the very least, you should learn to stand on your own two feet though. More on that later.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

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