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Monday, 20 June 2011

Dig a little deeper

There’s nowhere on the net like Beetroot Books.

Apart from a very big and nameless commodity site, that’s not bothered if it sells you soap powder or Socrates, you’d have a hard time finding a store that has a wide range of books centred on what you do and what you want do to and see in the future for yourself and for the planet.

That’s why the store was opened.

If you’re into living green, living active, making the most of things, challenging your mind, educating your children or exploring more of this big old reality we’re in, you’ll find a book about it on Beetroot Books.

There’s a process in the world today; the mastitis of money continues unabated and has consumed all human affairs in the western world  - everything is being chopped, slashed, hacked, factory processed, genetically modified, sold and boiled down to the bottom line. Most business is pulled into the sludge flow by adherence to the same addiction to this growth that wreaks the havoc we see unfold all around us. We’re overdue on a positive change.

New ways of doing things are obviously where the answers lies, but you have to plant these seeds in fertile ground.

To be original you have to make new connections. You have to make use of the best information you can find and see it for what it is – sometimes despite conventional wisdom.

You have to dig a little deeper.

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