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Monday, 6 June 2011

London Green Fair - 4th/ 5th June

Last Saturday I found a large dose of inspiration under the warm June sun, in one of London’s greatest Park.

Running over the weekend of June 4/5th, the London Green Fair, In Regents Park showcased ‘green living’ – everything from bicycle powered generators to vegan cooking and a positive future vision.

Hanging out in a green space with like minds on a sunny afternoon was always going to be fun, but the range of ideas, the apparent desire to try something new and the actual application of all of it was great to see.

Seems there’s quite a sea change going on in some quarters; if the tide continues to turn it doesn’t really have to be too little too late. I would like to think the future lies with the diversity of ideas and the community spirit that is erupting all around. All that we need to do is support independent traders and make up our own minds about what is good for us and our families.

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