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Friday, 26 October 2012

A Celebration

I admire your strength, your resolve, your unremitting commitment to slam in to the wall and take from those to come after you, til there’s nothing left at all.

I applaud your decision to stay steadfast and true, diverting your eyes from a damage that of course, has absolutely nothing at all to do with you

Content with this dance and routine that ticks the boxes of prosaic mimicry and minimises the risk of personal exploration, I’ll do what you do whilst promising to admire your shoes.

What an achievement to have been stripped of all of your critical faculties, they’re no fun anyway, not compared to the chance to advance another level in the gore game.

How can we fail to be happy engorged by more than our fair share? Let’s cheer the human planet and strip all that crawls too wet for current taste.

Your inability to climb the stairs loaded with 4000 glucose, fructose, mono-saturated, tasty chemical crunch calories should be commended for your determined and continual effort to erode any semblance of self-restraint.

Awe of 100 000 years of progress, honing the organism into a meat disease, purging the land of its magic to reveal only the harsh stones of materialism now happily set into your blind crown.

We praise your wanton spirit shrouded as it is an a thick sleeve of greed, you’re gorgeous and can have anyone or anything you crave,  as it is your unending right to consume whatever you please.

You’re greed is to be celebrated and written about in endless column inches stretching across the walls and the sea, building platforms to rejoice with the grey men who suck you dry.

I love the glamour of these magazines, the ink drying blood culled from body of the beast ripped apart in the reserve by imitators who want more of the same.

I laugh at the slow drip into bleeding rabbit eyes now that your hair is so soft and manageable, the imperfections of skin more painful to admit than needless animal death.

What joy to tune into the one eye that sees nothing but proclaims everything you now think, how marvellous that you’re obedient enough to believe everything you are now told.

Delight as the obvious answer to every question has resulted in such perfect outcome. Every problem can be answered by the new religion, altars everywhere for random worship.

Rapture at the revelation of a supreme way of life, your god demon from the desert gulch leapt only onto your frontal lobe and denied your heart, disdains Earth.

Rejoice that we’re far too polite to point out that cheated generations will snort to remember how dumbfat, blind and lazy there stupefied forebears were

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