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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rain, Rain and Rain

Oh since they shouted about drought it seems it hasn’t stopped raining. Mind you if a spell needs to be cast then what better way to do it in England than talk about the weather? Anytime anyone makes a proclamation about what it’s going to do or worse, has an expectation about how it will turn out, you can guarantee that what actually happens will be counter to what is desired. We just don’t learn! And since it is April it’s not like we’ve not heard that tune about showers before.

But it’s all good stuff. Things are going in to the ground almost daily here at Beetroot HQ; beetroots (you wouldn’t expect otherwise would you?), French beans, Broad beans, red onions, spring onions, aubergines, basil, mint and potatoes, and they all need lots lovely water and of course sunshine (hoping for more of that this summer)!

So best not too get too down in the mouth about the weather, it’s as comedian Billy Connelly says: ‘there is not bad weather, only the wrong clothes’!

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