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Saturday, 22 October 2011

A visit to Occupy London

Went down to the Occupy site in the grounds of St Pauls last night. What an inspiring scene it was. Every four years we’re drably informed about the politically disengaged youth of the UK. What rubbish. More like what’s being offered is not what anyone wants or needs, save the vested interests that system is designed to serve.
Finally it seems that this sentiment is reaching its endgame – helped on its way by a massive concentration of wealth to the top and cuts to the futures of just about everyone else. The ‘deal’ that we’ve been participating in – we do all the work, they get all the rewards – is finally being seen for the controlling con that it is. The illusion can never be reinstated.
Another thing I found encouraging: I attempted to talk to several of the ‘occupiers’ on camera (albeit a very old camcorder) but they steadfastly refused, believing me to be some kind of reporter – they do not trust the mainstream media at all – and they’re right not to; media push stories not facts and they’re nearly always skewed to some agenda or editorial policy.
This movement must be held very gently like the rare flower it is. We must not plant it yet but protect its roots from intrusive influence. We must let it grow into what its nature decides. Something special will come yet.

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